May 14, 2020 5 min read

The current hottest Trends

From the Spring 2020 runways across the world, it was clear that the designers were focusing on major jaw-dropping jewelry pieces for the overall looks. They shell shocked us with the over exaggerated earrings, neon enamel embedded colors, thick gold hoops, diamonds and huge chain linked chokers; making us want to run away and join a Balenciaga punk band. Stacked combination studs, monogrammed earrings, single statement earrings and lariat style necklaces are just some of our obsessions. Storming into summer, one thing is clear: go big or go home.

The bigger the hoop….

This spring, designers such as Marni, J.W Anderson and Valentino dominated the runways with overt exaggerated hooped earrings. They were also keen on expressing the single statement earring style carrying it into 2020 from 2019. Balenciaga also followed suit with heavy, dramatic door-knocker style earrings which are sure to be one of the next biggest earring trends. 

For summer 2020, we recommend switching up dainty hoops for larger, chunky and dramatic hoops. Revisiting that more outgoing look and accentuating any dress for the right occasion. This trend is pretty self-explanatory girls… the bigger the better am I right?

Crysus Jewelry stepped ahead of the trends and introduced months ago a large selection of hoops perfectly designed to fit the modern muse: Have a look at the Crysus Hoops, Athena Hoops, Amira Hoops, Hoops Earrings Cuban Link Hoops.

Link me up….

Again thick thick thick. This season we saw models reclaiming the runway with the biggest statement chains around their neck you’ll ever see. Cuban links were all the rage whilst some were encrusted with diamonds for that extra fire. This summer we forecast fashion to revel in the hip-hop era of chains with men and women seen worldwide rocking the latest styles.

The heavy neck armor was carried by Gucci and Moschino with Jeremy Scott, playful as ever, testing the waters for just how big we’d go with neck pieces and chains, layering them up on the models to create drastic imagery.

At Crysus, we have the hottest cuban link styles this season! Plain or Iced Out, guaranteed to add that extra class and perfection to your style. Explore our cuban link collection!

Lariat Heaven

Another beautiful style we saw on the runways this spring was ‘Lariat’ or 'layered' necklaces. The definition of “lariat” is a single loop secured with a special knot that the cowboys use which allows it to slide without coming apart. This timeless style is elegant, classy and seriously sexy. They’re thin pieces but create a big statement. Isabel Marant, Versace and Celine are all backing this trend into 2020 and so are we!

Taking this trend and running with it – we have created timeless back necklaces which gives the look the same elegance but has much more edge. Whether you prefer gold, silver, or diamonds, you can't go wrong with a long lariat this season. Turning our different lariat necklaces around or mix and match them draping down the spine with an open-back dress is an effortless and timeless look to pull off. Cocktail hour anyone?

Check out our Tennis Diamond Layers, Milano Necklace or the Etoile & Round Coin Necklaces.

Monogram Mayhem

Logo branding has always been a ‘thing’ and it most definitely always will. This season is no different as we saw Louis Vuitton, the most monogrammed high fashion brand stamp their way all over their jewelry collection. It’s no secret that this trend keeps popping up over the years – who doesn’t love their own initials engraved or embroidered on special pieces or wearing brand names and for people to know that it’s a Louis Vuitton earring set.

This summer we’re going one step further – with our beautifully crafted custom jewelry we are sure you wont be disappointed. At Crysus Jewelry, we believe each custom made piece tells a story. Reason why we pay meticulous attention to every tiny detail in your custom jewelry. We combine the world’s cutting edge jewelry design and 3D Printing technologies with unique jewelry handcrafting techniques to guarantee an exceptional level of detailing and quality.

From numbers, custom name necklaces, memorial picture pendants, logos and engagement rings of the most unique and complex designs; we bring your imagination to life and add more magic to your story.

Visit our custom jewelry gallery.

Block colours – green envy

Sharp edge enamel colours are currently a raging trend, taking the fashion world by storm and brightening up spring florals as much as any outfit. The trick for this trend is to never be afraid to mix up jewellery colours that don’t match your outfit. The more bold the better. The point is for the colours to stand out and hit the eye differently on a first impression. Stella McCartney and Jaquemus were seen blazing the runway with all sorts of dynamic enamel pieces incorporating tassels and aligning it with gold.
Keeping this trend in mind Crysus are opting to run with emeralds as we believe they’re the most catching and beautiful colour to match with gold and diamonds. Just in time for summer, emeralds looks exquisite against tanned skin. Trust me wearing emeralds will make people green with envy.

We just dropped a beautiful Sauvage Diamond Pendant and Sauvage Ring that you can customize with up to 4 different stones choosing the color that better fits your style!

Dripping in diamonds

We’re in 2020, which means diamonds are no longer only a girls best friend… but a mans too. New ice and fresh sparkling diamonds are always a good idea. We’re seeing it more and more frequently amongst not only rappers but across all forms of music artist, during the day and into the evening. The statement vibe of wear tennis chains and diamond encrusted Cuban links gives an aura of status amongst a crowd.

Using the most beautiful VS and VVS diamonds placed all over our website on a variety of fine crafted jewellery, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye or some new drip for your modern day muse. With Crysus Jewelry this is one trend that will always be timeless, elegant and stunningly classic.

Designers such as Paco Rabanne and Valentino kept this timeless style on the runway this spring with beautiful rhinestones, jewels and diamonds, dazzling the audience and swinging instep with the models. When there’s dripping elegance, oozing romance and an overpowering captured gaze at the jewelry, why would you ever want anything else?

We have selected the hottest diamonds chain designs for you! From the timeless Tennis Diamonds chains, the iconic Diamond Miami Cuban links to the new baguette curbs-cuban link diamonds chain, we have the drip you need!

Pearl Necklace…

This season Burberry and Jason Wu are seen adoring pearls, not the classic kind but miss shaped, edgy and ‘new era’ pearls. From Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe to Bella Hadid, pearls have always been a statement in fashion. Even though today they aren’t so rare, they’re still the ultimate epitome of elegance. One thing for sure is that pearls will never go out of fashion.

At Crysus we’re developing a devastatingly beautiful pearl collection this summer that will shatter hearts almost as much as Monroe. This ‘Neo Parisian’ look is probably the prettiest trend we’ve seen this season, so get ready to turn heads. Stay Tuned!


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