March 05, 2020 2 min read

Taking care of your new jewelry - The Crysus Guide

Although you think you know how to care for your jewelry - the chances are that there's some tricks and tips you've not considered before...

Caring for jewelry maybe something new you're coming across or something you tend to forget whilst purchasing new pieces. Whether its custom jewelry or fine jewelry, taking care of your pieces will encourage their lifespan and longevity.

To keep your pieces shining for years, we've compiled 5 points on a few things you might want to consider after receiving your new jewelry.

1. Scratches
Gold tends to scratch very easily since it's a softer metal than silver. Ways to avoid this would be to keep your gold and silver jewelry separated. Jewelry should be the last thing you put on when going out and the first thing you take off after a night out. A beach day and sand can undeniably cause scratches! With custom jewelry, coating the piece in clear nail polish can preserve the chains, bracelets, earings and rings for longer.

2. Less is More
When caring for jewelry, try to avoid metal polishes that are 'recommended' – often they'll do more damage than not. If you want to clean them, the most recommended way is with a VERY soft toothbrush or make up brushes and fresh warm water. Oils from soap tend to damage jewelry instead of cleaning it. This can a<lso be said whilst applying suncream / moisturizer and makeup. Just taking that extra care when using hair products, cosmetics and colognes could save you a lot of money and time. Rings can tend to damage easily if mixed with creams or gels or any kind; less is more!

3. Active Lifestyles
No matter how hard you want to impress your personal trainer at the gym and look divine whilst sweating it out – your jewelry wont look so fantastic. Sweat and machines, weights, running or doing anything too active in fine jewelry is never a good idea. Think twice about the environment you'll be in before rocking your jewelry pieces while playing any kinds of sports

4. Storage and travelling
The best way to preserve your jewelry and sentimental custom pieces is to store them carefully – especially when travelling. A quality jewelry box will help you store and preserve your jewelry from any scratches while traveling.
All Our products are sent to you in a beautiful branded box perfect to keep your jewelry safe and shining both home and away.

5. Elements
Hard external elements can also damage jewelry in fading the color or eroding the materials. Think hot UV sunlight rays, swimming pool chlorine, vinegar/ lemon and acidic foods. Keeping your jewelry away from those elements, will help you keep your jewelry shining for much longer!

At Crysus Jewelry, we guarantee the industry's highest quality standards in all our men and ladies jewelry. Our gold cuban chains, eternity rings, tennis necklaces or diamond earrings...will always shine more and last longer than the typical solid gold or gold plated jewelry in the market.

Should you have any additional questions on how to take care of your jewelry, speak to one of our jewelry experts today!

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